Celebration of the creation of the first human being in a laboratory by the Elohim

April 2, 2021, 6:27pm

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We would like to invite you to join us on 4th April 2021 at 2:00 PM – India Time.

Zoom Meeting: Celebration of the creation of the first human being in a laboratory by the Elohim
Let’s make man in our image, in our likeness!” (Genesis, I-26). Some 13 000 years ago, the Elohim created the first human being in the laboratory, and on this date, Raelians around the world gather to celebrate this event. You are invited to join us for an hour of philosophy, discovery, and pleasure. 

Who should attend:  This invitation is sent to those who wish to do their Cellular Plan Transmission and to all the Raelians and sympathizers in India. 

Why you should attend: To know more about our philosophy, connect and share with other Raelians. 

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If you haven’t read Elohim’s Messages, you can read it online, or download it in pdf format here:

The main points of the Message of the Elohim:

  1. 1. The extraterrestrials who came to Earth a very long time ago call themselves ELOHIM. The word ELOHIM, which appears in the original Hebrew writings was translated without justification in some Bibles by the word “God”. ELOHIM in Hebrew means “those who came from the sky”.
  3. 2. The Elohim’s scientists and artists came to the Earth when there was no life and created all kinds of creatures by synthesizing DNA in their laboratories. They started by making very simple creations and then improved their technique to make more complex life forms. In the end, they made human beings “in their own image” 
  5. 3. The Elohim sent prophets like Moses, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed with teachings adapted to the different ages, so that the created human beings could progress in the right direction by themselves. These prophets were premeditatedly chosen, educated by the Elohim and they spread a message which was appropriate to each age. 
  7. 4. On August 6th, 1945, an atomic bomb was dropped in Hiroshima on a civil population. It is then that we entered the “Age of Apocalypse”. Apocalypse means “revelation” in Greek, in other words, “it is the age where everything can be understood scientifically”. The last prophet of the Elohim,  “RAEL” was sent as a sign that human beings had reached this age.
  9. 5. RAEL began his mission which is to spread the last Message of the Elohim throughout the world and to build an Embassy to welcome them. They will officially return very soon there and will meet with all the important people on Earth. RAEL founded a non-profit organization called the “Raelian Movement” which has members in more than 80 countries.


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