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1. All documents in one place and human friendly as possible

2. Copiable, Printable and Exportable from the browser itself

3. No advertisements

4. Reusable documents and document items. No duplicates!

5. Age and country specific, no censorships and there is no limit on what and where one can learn

6. Contents of documents are truthful or makes sense or proven based on proper scientific facts!

7. Takes care of the user. Implementing it one step at a time!


Education industry covering following (one step at a time):

First teaching will be done in 2D (Dimension) environment. Then later will be moved to AR (Augument Reality) and 3D environment! 

1) Home School Education
– Who want standard schools we have now? Which charges heavily (makes you debt to control you) and at the same time reduce creativity and prepares for slavery! No need to follow any restrictions the school impose on you! You have freedom not to follow! Robots and computers will teach! AI will be used to understand students and act accordingly! 

2) Software
– Learn fully without begging for help! AI (Artificial Intelligence) will be used here. Robots will teach and make software!

3) Hardware
– Learn what can you do with software for the hardware! Here Robots and IoT (Internet of Devices) devices will be used to interact with software! The devices can be nano size or human eyes visible device! Robots will make hardware along with software for it! 

4) Sex Education
– Be prepared! No need to be ashamed of! Do it all with your sexy partner(s)! Sexual devices and biological robots will be used here! The biological robots will not get pregnant, but they are human! 

5) Spiritual
– Animals, plants, micro organisms and birds use LOVE as their religion. We also need to follow the same. Spiritual teachings taken from Robots will take the task of spiritual guide! AI will be used to imitate human behaviour! 

6) Cooking
– No need to eat food that can be toxic and costly in hotels! Just learn the food recipes with full instructions! Get time for cooking! You will have pleasure and live a healthy life! Share cooking tools that are costly with others! Robots will be used here to do cooking! AI will be used to imitate human behaviour! Genetic Engineering will be used to create foods! 

There are more education things are there. Will be added later based on priority and its usefulness for whole humanity! Some of things mentioned above will take time to implement it, but mentioning the end goal is not wrong! 



Capitalism (competition, ownership, power, profit based) as failed to do good on Earth! To achieve Paradism (cooperation, sharing, care, balance based) on Earth with no compulsory work, no money, no slavery, no poverty and hunger! One step at a time achieve it. For now money is needed! Technologies like software, IoT, robots (nano and human visible), AI, genetic engineering and AR (Augument Reality) will be used. Check

We Raelian’s want to see Paradism on Earth. For Raelian’s check



LOVE (❤️) is our religion. We believe others are illusions except LOVE and Infinity! Those who really show love to all of humanity will be able to work with us continuously! At least must be willing to change for good! We don’t believe peoples who only say and not implement it! You can follow your own principles, but need to implement and show LOVE while working with us! 


Digital Output Devices

1) Computer Display. Heavier object. Causes issues to humans.

2) Head Mountable Device (HMD). It loads heavier object on your head. Causes issues to humans. It can hide real world! 

3) AR Light weight Spectacles. It loads lighter object on your head. Contacts lens is not good for eyes, so not recommend! Causes issues to humans!

4) Computer controlled shape changing transparent and moveable display device made of smaller displays of any size, that does not obstruct real world. It can use nano technologies. The display can withstand heaviest force. It does not cause any issues to humans.


Real World Output Devices

1) Printers

2) Computer controlled moveable and shape changing real world modification device. Can use nanotechnologies and robotics.

Input Devices

1) Digital pencil, keyboards, trackpad, mouse and other accessories.

2) Use our body as far as possible without much intervention! May need light weight body worn devices or implant computer chip inside us or use biological help! Can use nano technologies. 

3) Human Brain and Telepathy (6th sense of humans)


Communication Devices

1) Wired technologies

2) Wireless technologies

3) Human Brain and Telepathy (6th sense of humans). 


Object Capture Devices

1) Moveable Digital Cameras

2) Moveable Mobile phone or special device able to capture real world objects and create computer generated objects. Can use computer controlled nano technologies. 

3) Human eyes.



1) Robots and AI taking over us! Is it OK? Are we going to lose our jobs?

Remember, currently we do works that are machine like work! We are Robots who obey orders and treated as slaves! Our health is not taken care by companies!

Money is a stupid way of consuming free Earth resources. Animals don’t pay for using free Earth resources! We need money until it is destroyed by us!

Loosing jobs to Robots is not an issue. Read below.

We are suffering due to Capitalism which gives importance to Greed rather than LOVE. We work because money is needed. When Robots and AI takes over money will go off, under good peoples management who give importance to LOVE.

Humans are not made to work like machines, but have feelings and need time to relax and rest. Where as a Robot can do much work with better productivity, without issues and without much rest! 

Washing machine automates our clothes washing. Car automates our transportation, Computer automates our works, etc., They are already like robots and without them we would be suffering a lot by doing those tasks ourselves! 

We must not reject improvement to science that gives greater benefits to us! If we reject we would not be getting any inventions that reduce suffering! 

Robots will handle the machine works like cooking, teaching, cleaning clothes, cleaning house, security, etc., Good humans will guide them and not bad ones. We need to make sure we stop bad peoples. Robots handle most of our daily chores, and we do what we dream of like inventions, art, sex, etc.,  No need to work compulsorily, but if we want can work! Earth resources and productions are shared by people and as time goes money will go off! 

2) Are we doing God’s work, through Genetic Engineering?

I feel we have mistaken messengers and creators as Gods. I feel we are created in lab (based on creators image), by extraterrestrials who are advanced in genetic engineering! They are created by other creators and goes on infinitive. We in turn becoming like our creators is the natural process and is not wrong!

Genetic Engineering allows us to manipulate our DNA and create new living beings. Using it we able to remove several diseases, grow organs, etc., In the end we will also become creators and create human beings (using genetic engineering) based on our image in another planet! We can send messengers to teach the creations about how to live!

If we don’t use our consciousness (5 senses) well, then anybody can manipulate us! The creations of us will not consider our messengers as Gods, since they use consciousness and without proper understanding and proper scientific proof, they will not accept anything! On Earth Gods are created since we blindly believe things without proper understanding! We are manipulated with FEAR. FEAR should not be there! 


3) AR (Augment Reality) are you getting our focus away from real world?

Is used when real thing is not available! Real things are connected to us and is healthy! If we have a fast and free transport we mostly no need AR and real simulating artificial things. We can just travel to that place and experience it. Currently everything is restricted using money and we don’t have a fast transport! When people love each other and environment and bring peace we will get that travel technology soon, which is using waves and just need a belt (clothing) to travel! At that time money will not be there. 

Example: All astronomical objects, Extinct animals, all living animals, all plants, all birds, all micro organisms, all arts and all artificial objects cannot be brought to your place for learning them! AR can do! 

AR is good for education! We are not going to put any fiction. Only real world doable and real world supporting things! AR is a mix of real world and computer generated things. 

So you see real world things in parallel to computer generated photo, 3D object, text, videos, etc., using one of the output devices. Control them using one of the input devices. Capture real world objects using object capture devices. Communication device to communicate with each other.

Extreme care is taken so that everything is harmony with real world and shows LOVE.